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Cyborg is finally going to get her chance to fight in the UFC when she takes on Leslie Smith at UFC 198 in Brazil later this year and she's already looking to book her next fight.

The fighter in her sights? Former bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey.

First though, she has to get through Smith, but Cyborg isn't worried. She told TMZ Sports...

"Leslie is a very tough girl, most of her fights end by decision. I don't know if it will be a KO or submission, but I do know it will be worthy of a UFC bonus from Dana White."

That kind of confidence, albeit sounds a little arrogant, isn't exactly unjustified... Of Cyborg's 13 wins, all of them have come from KO's or TKO's. It can be assumed that she'll be looking to extend that streak in the octagon with Smith.

Cyborg has gone out of her way to make it clear that she actually like Smith, categorizing her demeanor towards Smith as "nice" and "polite." The one person she doesn't like though? Rousey.

A matchup between the two has been rumors in the UFC for years. It never came to be because Cyborg, a 145 pound featherweight, could never make the 135 pound bantamweight limit.

Her fight against Smith will be at a contested 140 pounds. Whether or not Cyborg will ever make the needed 135 pounds to fight Rousey, we may never know. IV's are banned in the UFC now, so Cyborg might not be able to cut the weight.

That doesn't matter though, Cyborg still wants her crack at Rousey.

"Since she is no longer the champ, and I am officially in the UFC, I do not see any reason why the fight can't happen."

And now that MMA is legal in NY, Cyborg thinks the Big Apple could be the perfect place to do it.

"I realized Holly Holm kicked her into retirement, but maybe after [UFC 198] we could settle the feud in New York when the UFC comes to Madison Square Garden."

If Rousey decides to focus on her film career and stay out of the ring, Cyborg has some other options post-UFC 198.

"If Ronda is still retired, or has thought of a few more excuses to not fight me, then maybe Holly Holm or Miesha Tate are willing to fight. I want the biggest fights the fans want to see."

Only time will tell what life in the UFC will be like for Cyborg, but whatever happens, if it's left up to Cyborg, it'll definitely be exciting.


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