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The rumors have been swirling about a Georges St-Pierre return to the UFC ever since he stepped away from the sport in 2013. However, the rumors have ramped up even more ever since he showed up to UFC 196 and looked like he wanted to get back to Octagon-shape.

We've covered that GSP has been training as well, and from the looks of it he's in good enough form to be able to fight. Well, UFC analyst and commentator Kenny Florian spoke about St-Pierre on "The Fighter and the Kid" podcast recently and says that he will surely be fighting in the UFC later this year.

“This is debatable,” Brendan Schaub said to Florian on the podcast. “Brock Lesnar was not around long enough and not healthy enough. I think GSP is the biggest star to walk away from the UFC.”

“He has sold more pay-per-views that anybody else, overall,” Florian added. “With all of his fights, I one hundred percent agree.”

Schaub said, “I think that, who knows if he ever comes back, even if he does one.”

“He is coming back,” Florian said, interrupting Schaub.

Schaub confirmed with Florian asking, “For sure? You think so?”

“Yeah, this year,” Florian replied. “End of this year. It won’t be, not for UFC 200, but I think after that he will, maybe in for the New York card. Who knows?”

Schaub asks, “Who do you think he fights? I assume it’s at 170.”

“That’s the thing,” Florian said. “It could be at 170. I think it’s probably going to be non-title fights that he is interested in.”

Schaub was shocked, saying “What? Like a fight with Anderson Silva? Anderson Silva would be the only one that makes sense. Anderson Silva or Conor. But, the Conor thing, Conor would have to win his next fight, then you have him versus Conor fight. Bad matchup for Conor. Conor GSP?”

“Well that’s what I think was supposed to happen. That would have been over two million pay-per-view buys. That would be the biggest UFC pay-per-view fight of all time,” the two said simultaneously. “Hands down. Maybe that’s why Conor wants to fight at 170 against Nate. Maybe that’s the fight he wants.”

What do you think?

Who would you like to see GSP fight if he does, in fact, return to the UFC?



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