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Talk about a Dream fight...

This would be incredibly awesome if it were to come true. Apparently, Anderson Silva - who just came off a controversial loss to Michael Bisping - has his sights set on fighting Conor McGregor at catchweight.

While there has been much speculation as to whether or not Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz will have their highly anticipated welterweight rematch at UFC 200, we do know that the UFC has issued contracts to both men.

Here's what Silva had to say to Globo about wanting to fight McGregor:

"That’s something I would like to achieve. I never asked to fight anybody, but that’s a challenge I would like to have, to try my martial arts skills against McGregor. I would also like a rematch against Nick Diaz and Michael Bisping. I think McGregor is a great standup fighter, but in his last fight he didn’t last very long because he ended up getting into Nate’s game, which is a great challenge for anybody. The Diaz brothers have great cardio. We have to respect Conor, the loss to Nate doesn’t diminish his career. I would really like to try out my skills against McGregor."

As Silva is a middleweight (former champ) and McGregor is a featherweight, Silva offered a solution that would make for a fair fight...

"We could do it at a catchweight, since he told he’s willing to fight anyone under the right conditions. I believe a catchweight bout would be really interesting to the sport, for me and for him."

What do you think?

Who would you take in a catchweight fight between Silva and McGregor?



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