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With UFC197 less than a month away, fans are eagerly awaiting the second bout in the bitter rivalry of Jon 'Bones' Jones vs. Daniel Cormier. Each laying claim as the true UFC light heavyweight champion, the highly anticipated rematch may have just hit a major road block...

UFC197 Official Poster
UFC197 Official Poster

Reports are emerging on twitter that Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier, has been spotted barely able to walk at a wrestling tournament.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet from the UFC or Cormier's camp, but Twitter is awash with rumours that Cormier is indeed injured.

The injury would come as a major blow for the UFC and the fighters, with UFC197 looking set to be an incredibly lucrative event for the promotion. Losing one of the biggest names on the fight card is always hard, but losing Daniel Cormier when he's about to face Jon Jones for a second time in a title defence is especially gut wrenching.

UFC182, Jones v Cormier
UFC182, Jones v Cormier

Of course... Maybe the injury is nothing more than stiffness following a hard training session, or maybe the reports are in fact false. We'll have to wait and find see!

UFC 197 is scheduled to take place April 23, live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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