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Nate Diaz stepped in for Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196, and showed Conor McGregor the first defeat of his UFC career, forcing the Irishman to tap out in the second round.

The fight was extremely hyped by the media, first due to the the long list of fighters the UFC (and McGregor) went through to find a replacement and then, once Diaz was chosen, McGregor wouldn't shut up about it. He used every minute of media time to trash talk Diaz to try and get under his skin.

All of the trash talk didn't seem to phase Diaz, who stepped into the ring and defeated McGregor, overcoming a slow first round that resulted in a bad cut above his eye.

As painful as it looked, it wasn't enough to count Diaz out. He got McGregor in a rear naked choke hold in the second round and that was all he needed, forcing the tap for a submission victory.

The win at UFC 196 was arguably the biggest of Diaz's career, and he earned every ounce of respect he should get for taking down McGregor. The only problem? He doesn't feel like anyone's giving him any.

He chatted with ESPN's SportsNation about how it bothers him.

"He was already talking about going up and fighting the welterweight champ and taking him out and even fighting at 185 and all these things. When he lost the fight, he's getting all this credit for going up two weight classes. But I'm really only one weight class above him. I'm a lightweight."

McGregor is naturally a 155 pound fighter and went up two weight classes to fight Diaz at 170 pounds. The discussion following his win over McGregor has been less about Diaz's victory and more about McGregor's weight gain.

"I'm only one class ahead of him. He's moving up and he already talked about being the welterweight champ. Now he fought a lightweight contender and he's talking he went up two weight classes."

It's expected that the two will face each other again at UFC 200, but nothing has been made official... yet. If Diaz wins again, it'll be clear that he deserves every ounce of respect.


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