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Chael Sonnen went into detail as it pertains to something that he doesn't think the general fight community really understands about Nate Diaz v Conor McGregor, weight cutting/gaining and more.

Take a look at what he had to say about the interesting notion a lot of people seem to bringing up that Conor "should've kept his mouth shut", "shouldn't have talked all that shit", and that he deserved the loss.

"It's absolutely terrible logic. It's terrible logic. You can not know how to promote and hang out in the middle, lose, and still be in the middle; or you can go do what Conor did, lose, and start to be pulled more towards the middle. Your average is still higher. I have no idea where any of that comes from. I went through some of that too, and it's like, so what? So what? If you're going to have some great moments now and there's a fall coming later, so what? Guys don't take all that big of a hit. You have a little downtime then you get back on a media tour, create some interest, and you move forward from there. That's just boxing and MMA. Mike Tyson lost to Buster Douglas in the biggest upset in history and went on to have the biggest box office success that sport's ever seen."

The promotion aspect of MMA, and specifically the UFC is a big part of it. Here's more from Sonnen:

"It's not real anyway. None of it is real. I hear fighters all the time. I heard Bryan Caraway the other day. I like Bryan Caraway a lot, I used to train with him, I consider him a friend. But he did an interview, he was talking about the people on Twitter. I've heard Chris Weidman, a world champion, do it. I heard Jon Jones do it today. ‘People on Twitter,' he goes. But that's not real. What do you mean these people on Twitter? I'm looking around going, what are you talking about? None of this is real. Go out and win the fights you can, then go home to your family and put the goddamn computer down and go be a normal person. It's the strangest thing in the world.
"The bottom line is, this is a business. You have to know what you're doing and guys simply don't. They get bad advice or they don't get any advice at all. I watch these mistakes being made left and right and it's just not true. Will Conor take a hit? Yeah, sure. Conor is an A+ right now if you want to put this in school terms. He's an A+. He might fall to an A, he might fall to an A-, but he's still going to be an A. He will be an A-level star and an A-level draw and it's going to do big numbers.
"That won't last forever, but nobody's career does," Sonnen continued. "Go back to the Mike Tyson example I just gave you. He could fight this weekend on HBO and it's not going to do great things. Everybody's got a window, but Conor is most definitely still within his window and he took on a task that was pretty insurmountable. It's never been attempted before, let alone done successfully ... and he went out there, he fought well, he sold well, he worked his ass off, and he came in second. So what?"

Sonnen was really defending Conor here.

"I would like to think [McGregor] understands that his job is to go out there and entertain," Sonnen said. "His job is to work hard and fight as hard as he can, try to build some great memories, and maybe even put a few dollars away for his family. But that's where it ends. That's it. He doesn't owe anybody else anything. But it's a two-way street, the fans don't owe him anything either. Fighters get their feelings hurt because fans jump off (the bandwagon). The fan doesn't owe you any kind of loyalty. You don't owe the fan and the fan doesn't owe you. It's night by night. Go out and entertain them, give them their money's worth and go home, and that's it.
"I've had private conversations with Conor where he said stuff and I've walked away from the conversation thinking, there's a guy who gets it. There's a young man who's years ahead of his time and understands what this is all about. So I don't think Conor is going to fall off the deep end. Now, I don't like his spending habits, but he's a grown man and can do what he wants."

What do you think?

What are your thoughts of Conor McGregor's smack talk?

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