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UFC 197 is right around the corner which means Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier II is right around the corner. The rematch should be an explosive one just based on the pre-fight trash talk alone.

To hold us over until it happens, let's take a stroll down memory lane and visit their first matchup!


After some successful jabs back and forth, DC moves in for the kick to Jones' body...

But it backfires and leads to DC's first takedown in his MMA career.


DC did his best to take Jones' reach out of the fight...

...trying to stay in the clinch as much as possible. Sending uppercuts and elbows into Jones' body every chance he got.

Even the occasional knee.


Jones' open handed, defensive style, lends to the occasional eye poke.

Which results in a warning from Ref, Herb Dean.

DC does his best to try and take Jones down, but Jones' takedown defense is just too strong.


A minute thirty into the 4th round saw Jones take down DC for a second time in his career.

Jones pinned DC against the cage and tried to submit him with little luck.

Clearly exhausted, both fighter "embrace the grind."

With only seconds left in the round, Jones takes down DC for a third time...

...and forces Herb Dean to stop in at the horn.

Round 5:

After most of the round focusing on defense, DC steps in with less than a minute left and FINALLY takes down Jones... with some authority!

DC takes Jones down late in the 5th. Unfortunately for DC, Jones was back up in a flash.

With seconds left in the fight, Jones starts to celebrate, even though the horn hasn't sounded yet.

Just in case there was any doubt that Jones won the round, he slips in a quick punch to the face as the horn blares.

An added gesture to DC on his way back to the corner.

DC might have gone the distance, but it was Jones who held onto his title by unanimous decision.

It's safe to say that Jones/Cormier II will be just as exciting. We'll find out on April 23rd at UFC 197, which takes place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.


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