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Nate Diaz hasn't held back when commenting on Conor McGregor's UFC pedigree. At UFC196, the Stockton native derailed the McGregor hype train when submitted the featherweight champ in the second round.

After shaking up the UFC world, the only person who wasn't shocked was Diaz himself. Following the event, Diaz didn't just earn himself one hell of a paycheck but also seemingly skipped the queue for a title shot. Something the welterweight contender feels is never going to happen.

Diaz v McGregor, UFC196 via Gettyimages
Diaz v McGregor, UFC196 via Gettyimages

In an interview with Fox Sports Live, Diaz spoke candidly on a number of subjects. He spoke of how he surprisingly hates swearing, wanted to fight the Fox Sports Live hosts following the infamous interview with McGregor and even mentioned how he bared the Irishman no ill before or after their fight. However, that did seem like a backhanded compliment following his next comments on the 'Notorious One'.

Like I mentioned above, Nate Diaz wasn't suprised at all when he defeated McGregor at UFC196. In fact, the 30 year old veteran isn't impressed by McGregor's rise to fame or anyone he's stepped into the octagon with.

"Sometimes people pick and choose, but I never picked and chose. I fought everybody, all the time.

"I've been fighting top 10, top five guys since my third or fourth fight in the UFC. That's what I was trying to say [before UFC 196].

"People were saying 'There's no way Nate beats Conor' and I was like, 'Why? You're riding a bandwagon motherf**ker.'

"If he had been through a quarter of the people I've had, he'd have been done weeded out already."
Diaz submitted McGregor in round 2
Diaz submitted McGregor in round 2

The pair look set to face off once again at UFC200, as Conor McGregor looks to avenge his first UFC defeat and continue on his quest for two consecutively held world championship belts.

Incredibly, McGregor v Diaz 2 is likely to be held at welterweight again, even though McGregor was visibly gassed out by the second round. With UFC200 taking place in July, the Dublin native only has a few months to scratch up his on ground game in a bid to defeat Diaz.

Check out the full interview below.


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