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Jon Jones is easily one of the greatest fighters of all time. Need some proof? Here are the top 8 moments for Jon Jones in the UFC!

#8: Jones finishes off Rampage Jackson

Jon Jones became the first man to take out Rampage Jackson in the ring to retain his light heavyweight belt!

#7: Jones shows Stephan Bonnar a creative beating

Jones pulled out all of the stops against Stephan Bonnar. Flying Knees and Spinning Elbows (see above) were only the start to the beat down Bonnar got. The night was all Jones!

#6: Jones dominates Ryan Bader

The math seemed to be perfect: Bader was a strong wrestle with unbelievable striking power. Didn't stop Jones though who showed Bader who was boss!

#5: Jones survives Vitor Belfort's armbar

It seemed as if Belfort was going to bring down the champ, getting him in an armor that had his arm fully extended. Jones let his arm pop and fought back to put the beat down on Belfort for the win.

#4: Jones goes the distance with Rashad Evans

A rift between the two friends and former sparing partners when it came time for them to face one another in the ring. The fight went all 5 rounds and came down to the judges. It was Jones that walked away victorious, retaining his title.

#3: Jones chokes out Lyoto Machida

Machida seemed to give Jones trouble early on, attacking him with a barrage of well placed punches. Jones retreated and survived the attack. It would be Jones that would fight his way back and send Machida to the mat with a standing choke hold.

#2: Jones fights off Alexander Gustafsson

For the first time, Jones looked like he was in trouble against the bigger Gustafsson, who was the first fighter to take jones down. Jones would fight back heavy in the 4th and 5th rounds to seal the victory and hold on to his title.

#1: Jones becomes the youngest champion beating Shogun Rua

The experience of Rua couldn't beat out the strength and determination of a young Jones. With his win, Jones became the youngest fighter to hold a title in UFC history.


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