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Paige VanZant is foremost a UFC fighter. She hasn't been as successful in the Octagon as she'd like to be, but I think it's fair to say that all of us want to see her succeed within the sport.

She's also a model and actress, though, which makes her a perfect fit for ABC's Dancing with the Stars, which recently kicked off its newest season and debuted oen of its biggest stars - VanZant of course!

The fan-favorite fighter became the the latest MMA fighter to appear on ABC's popular "Dancing With The Stars" program Monday night. She and partner Mark Ballas debuted on the 22nd season of the show with a fox trot. Their team now is .

Here they are in action...

Of course they took a selfie together too

And here they are talking to the press

What a dynamic duo!

But just when you thought she couldn't be more girly, let me remind you she still is capable of this...

What do you think?

Interested in watching 'Dancing with the Stars' now that VanZant is on it?

(Via: DWTS YouTube)


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