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Bellator 149 was last month and, it appears that two of its fighters have tested positive for the same steroid.

Kimbo Slice, who infamously won his fight against Dada 5000, and Ken Shamrock who lost to Royce Gracie, both tested positive for nandrolone, a synthetic steroid according to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). The results of both fighters' urine tests have been released.

Shamrock also tested positive for methadone, the drug used to treat heroin addicts.

Slice and Shamrock both face up to a year suspension as well as a $5,000 fine. The TDLR has offered the fighters a "plea deal" of sorts. If both fighters come within compliance, they will only have top pay a $3,000 fine and have their licenses revoked. A "compliance" deal means that both fighters would have to report their side of the story to the TDLR. The deal is on the table until March 31st.

According to the tests, Slice and Shamrock had elevated testosterone-to-epitestosterone (T/E) ratios. The TDLR allows a 4-1 ration, but Slice had a 6.4-1 ratio whereas Shamrock had an elevated level of 12.4-1.

For most men, the normal ratio is 1-1.

This is the second time Shamrock has failed a test after he tested positive for several banned substances after a 2009 fight in California.

Shamrock has appealed his TKO loss to Royce Gracie, placing blame on an incapacitating illegal blow that the ref didn't see. No word on what the outcome of that will be, or how this will effect the outcome, as the appeal is still pending.

As for Slice, he stopped Dada 5000 in the third round with a TKO after Dada basically passed out in the ring. He was later taken to the hospital in renal failure and needed to be resuscitated.


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