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Randy Couture is a real life superhero to many. The UFC legend has done everything you need to do in the Octagon to earn the respect from MMA fans, but it's what he did recently outside of it that has made waves.

This past Sunday, Couture sprung into action, pulling a family from a flipped vehicle in Cancun, Mexico. He also rescued several people trapped in the car after crashing, according to TMZ Sports.

TMZ spoke with Couture who confirmed the story. He had just landed in Mexcio to work on the movie Bruja.

Here's his account of the story:

"I looked up and this minivan went off the road."
"It rolled over twice into the jungle. My driver pulled over and called the police. We busted into the woods and helped the two women and the kid."
"The vehicle was on its side, so everyone was climbing out the side door. One of the women seemed like she was in shock. She was really weak. So I carried her out of the van and to the road. I wanted to get everyone away from the car because I was concerned it was going to catch fire. There were all these fluids leaking from the van."

Couture says all 6 people in the car were okay -- no serious injuries -- "there was some blood from some scratches."

"Once they were back on the road, and we knew they were okay, we left and continued on to the hotel."


What do you think?

Should we even really be surprised that Randy Couture is literally out here saving lives? What a badass...

(Via: TMZ)


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