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The bigger they are, the harder they fall? Want proof? Here are the top 8 Heavyweight knockouts!

#8: Velasquez proves himself against Nogueira

People questioned, Velasquez answered. Any more questions?

#7: Hunt doesn't need a ladder to KO Struve

Height doesn't always matter. Want proof? Watch Hunt take out Struve even though Struve clearly has an "advantage."

#6: Carwin teaches Mir the concept of quantity over quality

It's not always about the one, well timed, punch that does the trick. Sometimes it's all about just unleashing a barrage of unstoppable fury, as proven by Carwin.

#5: Silva beats down Overeem

To the face, not once, not twice, but FIFTY times over and over. Okay, maybe that's a little bit of hyperbole, but don't tell Overeem that, I'm sure he lost count after the punches hit double digits.

#4: Browne punts Overeem's head

Overeem isn't having a very good day on this list, clocking in at 5 AND 4. The reason he's at 4? Browne trying to kick his head clean off.

#3: Dos Santos takes out Velasquez in front of EVERYONE

The first fight on FOX proved to be historic. Even if it only took 64 seconds to happen. That's all it took for Dos Santos to put the beat down on Velasquez.

#2: Dos Santos wheel kicks Hunt

Dos Santos for the wheel kick to the face against Hunt for the win. Any questions?

#1: Gonzaga tries to kick Cro Cop's head clean off

Pretty sure Gonzaga was a soccer player in his previous life. If so, than:



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