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Manny Fonseca

Think bout it:

You just made MILLIONS of dollars winning a fight that many thought you couldn't win.

What do you do?

If you're answer was "buy a custom bong," then you'd probably be in Nate Diaz's Entourage and your nickname is probably "Turtle."

Diaz was so excited by his new custom bong created by bong manufacturer, Illadelph for hundreds of dollars, that he took to Instagram to show it off.

Now think about it... You just made MILLIONS of dollars and what happens? You don't actually have to buy anything, that usually when people give you stuff for free. Diaz used his Instagram post to thank the smoke shop that gave him the custom bong for "hooking him up."

"Thanks to @joingreenrush @illadelphglass @thecavesmokeshop for the personalized bong #100 ✌️"

Ahh... Love how people with money are the ones that get stuff for free.

It should be noted that Nate's brother, Nick, is currently under suspension for testing positive for marijuana. So I guess the Diaz brothers will use this for a flower vase?


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