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Stephen Adamson

It's difficult to compare boxers, MMA fighters, wrestlers, and any other type of fighter really... that is, until they get into the ring against each other. And in the case of Roy Jones Jr. and Vyron Phillips at (which was a kind of ridiculous card in its own right) we have proof of the power and striking ability of boxers.

Take a look below and you might get a glimpse as to what I'm talking about.

MMA fighter Vyron Phillips took the chance after winning the opportunity to fight Jones Jr. and did the best he could in the main event of UR Fight. Phillips who has won 4 of his 5 professional MMA bouts by TKO ultimately fell short to the former champion boxer and did not win the cool $100,000 prize.

Sorry bud.

What do you think?

Are boxers more or less bad-ass than MMA fighters? And did this fight do anything to change your opinion?



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