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People! Here they are! The TOP 20... GREATEST... SUBMISSIONS... IN UFC HISTORY!

#20: Anderson Silva shows Travis Lutter his leg strength

You know what they say... never skip leg day. I guess Travis Lutter found out just how strong Silva's legs were.

#19: Carlos Newton gives Pat Miletich a beefy headlock

When you've got arms THAT big, might as well use them for choking out guys, right? Exactly what Carlos Newton though when he choked out Pat Miletich.

#18: Matt Hughes tries to snap off Georges St-Pierre's arm

It only takes a quick second to snap an arm... as any one knows from watching a Steven Seagal movie. Good thing the Ref was there to jump in before Matt Hughes could show 'GSP' just how quick it can take.

#17: Royce Gracie fights off Kimo Leopoldo's pretzel attempt

Warm pretzels aren't just found in the food court at the mall, luckily Royce Gracie holds out and fights off Kimo Leopoldo's attempt to dip him in nacho cheese.

#16: Nate Diaz knows he has Kurt Pellegrino

As soon as Nate Diaz completes the triangle, he starts to celebrate, knowing the fight is over before the Ref calls it. Too bad Kurt Pellegrino never saw it.

#15: Anderson Silva wraps himself around Dan Henderson

No, seriously, Anderson Silva never skips leg day. He proves it once again against Dan Henderson.

#14: Murilo Bustamante thinks Matt Lindland taps out... then does

This is a weird one. First Bustamante gets Lindland into an armbar submission and then it clearly looks as if Lindland taps out. He doesn't though, at least not according to Lindland.

Bustamante gets sent to his corner while the Ref sorts everything out. He decides Lindland DIDN'T tap out and they go at it again.

Luckily, Bustamante wasn't going to let there be any mistake the second time.

#13: Chris Lytle takes out Jason Gilliam with a triangle

A triangle take out Jason Gilliam who tries to fight off Chris Lytle. Can't do it. Who says the triangle is the lamest instrument?

#12: Karo Parisyan proves Dave Strasser's arm won't bend that way

Yeah. No. That doesn't go that way.

#11: Frank Mir also proves to Minotauro Nogueira that arm's don't bend that way

No. Seriously. That really doesn't go that way.

#10: Ronda Rousey takes Liz Carmouche to the (arm)bar

Like a can opener, Rousey peels Carmouche's defenses apart.

#9: Chan Sung Jung says to Leonard Garcia, "You're not in Kansas anymore!"

"Auntie Em! Auntie Em! It's a Twister, It's a Twister!" - Johnny from Airplane!

#8: Forrest Griffin shows Shogun Rua the rear naked choke

That sounded dirty.

#7: Royce Gracie shows Dan Severn that you can tap out anywhere

Dan Severn finds himself in a curious position against Royce Gracie, so much so that he just decided to tap out on the mat instead.

#6: Frank Mir breaks Tim Sylvia arm

Sylvia wants to keep going, even though his arm is broken, but the Ref has to put a stop at it. Seriously people, don't skip leg day.

#5: BJ Penn chokes out Matt Hughes

Once Penn got Hughes in the choke, it was all over. Rather then take a nap, Hughes opted to politely ask to be freed (a.k.a. Tapped Out).

#4: Frank Mir bends Brock Lesnar's foot

Hey! It's not always arms and necks, sometimes all you need is a foot.

#3: Royce Gracie teaches counting to Ken Shamrock

"Are you sure he tapped four times?" Royce Asks.

#2: Matt Hughes carries Frank Trigg to his choke den

After nearly passing out, Matt Hughes survives and carries Frank Trigg to the other side of the octagon where he makes him submit.

#1: Anderson Silva forces Chael Sonnen to tap out

And what have we learned today?

That's right.

Don't skip leg day.


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