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There's a plethora of possibilities now that Miesha Tate is finally at the top of her sport. One thing's for sure, she (like everyone else) wants to be a part of the upcoming, historic UFC 200.

During the UFC Fight Night 85 Media Event, Tate had this to say about it:

"I've been kind of tossing around the idea if it would be possible to fight at UFC 200. That would be awesome, but I really have no idea what the UFC has in mind for that."

She's realistic about her chances...

"I think they already have a couple of title fights, so it may not be realistic. But I'll stay ready for that, if that's something that becomes an option or available, then great. If not then we'll see what comes next."

So what is next for Tate? Remember the plethora of possibilities? Let's take a look at her options.

It has been hinted at by UFC president Dana White, that Tate's next fight would be against Ronda Rousey toward the end of the year. It would be the third time the rivals have stepped in the ring against one another, Rousey having won the first two bouts.

But what does Tate have to say about waiting?

"I think it's a long time to wait [for Ronda Rousey]. Ideally, I think I'd like to fight one more time before [her return]."

Okay, fair enough, what about a rematch with Holm? In the current champ's mind, it's not really up to her.

“Honestly at this point, I don’t really care. I think that I just need to be ready to handle whatever is thrown my way. I don’t think it’s my job as the champion to pick who’s next. That’s not really what the champion does. The champion fights whoever they say is next and whoever has earned that position.”

What about the rest of the field? Amanda Nunes? Cat Zagano? Hell, even Cyborg Justino?

"I know that there’s a lot of really top contenders, a lot of girls in the division, that are really chomping at the bit. I think I’ve been called out by probably everybody in the top six, if not potentially the top 10. So they’re all gunning for me, and they’re all dangerous, and they all have their different attributes to bring to the table, so I think my job as the champ is just to stay ready for whoever."

Tate's plan is a solid one. If there's one thing a champion in the UFC has to do, it's be ready...

"I’m just going to stay in the gym, and I have to be able to beat every single one of them."

There have been no OFFICIAL announcements as to when Tate will defend her title or who she will defend it against. Regardless, it sounds like Tate will be ready.


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