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In what would have been part of a strange UR event, a legendary rematch between Dan Severn and Tank Abbott was supposed to happen. However, Abbott couldn't pass his physical and has been removed rom the fight against fellow UFC veteran Severn by the Arizona Boxing an MMA Commission, a spokesman for UR Fight confirmed with MMA fighting on Thursday morning.

A replacement is currently being sought.

The bout was scheduled for Sunday in Phoenix as part of an amalgamation of combat sports and sports entertainment matchups run by Canadian digital television property UR Show.

The bill is strange, but good. Chael Sonnen is fighting Michael Bisping in a grappling match, Kurt Angle is faceing off with Rey Mysterio in a pro wrestling bout, and Roy Jones Jr. will headline in a boxing match against Vyron Phillips. In other words, it is likely to either be a shitshow or incredibly entertaining... or both!

Severn was initially supposed to face Ken Shamrock, but Shamrock is currently under 90-day suspension by the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration due to a failed drug test with regards to his fight with Royce Gracie at Bellator 149 in Houston last month.

The two men last fought each other at UFC's The Ultimate Ultimate in 1995. Severn won that fight and won the tournament that night as well. Severn, 57, has not fought in MMA since 2012. He has more than 100 professional wins. Abbott, 50, last fought in 2013.

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