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TJ Dillashaw has unloaded on his former teammate and friend Uriah Faber. The former UFC Bantamweight Champion isn't happy at the idea of Faber getting a shot at the title against Dominick Cruz, feeling that 'The California Kid' is undeserving.

Dillashaw, who lost the Bantamweight belt to Dominick Cruz at UFC Fight Night 81, has had a turbulent history with his former Alpha Male teammate Uriah Faber. Banned from the TAM gym, their friendship hit the rocks when Dillashaw infamously defected to Elevation Fight Team in Colorado, something that Conor McGregor foresaw when he branded the bantamweight a snake in the grass.

Speaking to ESPN.go on Thursday, Dillashaw shared his thoughts on Cruz v Faber III at UFC 199.

“I flew to Las Vegas and met with [UFC CEO] Lorenzo Fertitta to plead my case. They entertained the idea of an immediate rematch. They said they’d let me know in two weeks — then I found out on social media Faber got the fight.
“I’m pretty pissed. Faber isn’t deserving. The only way this guy has stayed relevant during the last year is talking s— about me. It’s unfortunate everything has become more about entertainment than sport. I just had a very competitive fight with Cruz. I don’t think Faber has a chance. I hope he does win, but it’s all about giving him his last title shot now. I think the UFC feels they can’t give him another fight before then and expect him to win.”
Cruz v Faber at UFC 132
Cruz v Faber at UFC 132

Uriah Faber has a score to settle with Cruz, whose rivalry dates back to 2007 when Faber submitted the champ at WEC 27. The UFC bantamweight champion has also been vocal in his criticism towards Faber and his Team Alpha Male camp.

Faber last fought at UFC 194, defeating Frankie Saenz in a hard-fought unanimous decision. Cruz will look to defend his belt at UFC 199, in a co-main event against his Uriah 'The California Kid' Faber.


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