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Conor McGregor is a Dublin-born, Irish, UFC Featherweight Champion who is pretty much after taking over the fighting world in the last 2 years. He is known for his eccentric confidence and fantastic ability to predict how his fights are going to go. He lost his most recent fight against Nate Diaz, but fans of McGregor know he will come back better than ever. Let's take a look at 8 things you probably didn't know about 'The Notorious' Conor McGregor.

1. If it wasn't for UFC, he might've been a plumber!

That's right, just before chasing his dream on being a world champion, McGregor was doing an apprenticeship to become a plumber back in Ireland! Thank god he decided to become a fighter and propel the sport to where it is today.

2. He was bullied during his school days

It may be hard for you to imagine some like Conor McGregor being bullied, but it goes to show he's as human as the rest of us. Growing up in Dublin was tough for Conor as he thought, “I think I had this face that bullies just liked beating up,”. He now gives seminars in schools on how to deal with bullies in school, like a true hero.

3. He was signed by the UFC without Dana White seeing him fight

Nowadays, we know that Conor McGregor and Dana White are actually quite good friends, and even better business partners. But did you know, that Dana White never actually saw McGregor fight when he signed him to the UFC? He loved McGregor's confidence and how well he could sell himself. This great decision was spurred on when Dana was accepting an award in Trinity College (Dublin) when he was asked multiple times on whether he was going to sign Conor McGregor or not.

4. UFC 194 wasn’t his fastest KO

Unless you live under a rock, you know how at UFC 194, Conor knocked out the former World Heavyweight Champion, Jose Aldo in 13 seconds. But did you know that wasn't McGregor's fastest knockout? Well back in 2011 he knocked out Paddy Doherty at Immortal Fighting Championship 4 in just 4 seconds! It goes to show that not many people can take that left fist of his.

5. He's only ever lost by submission

McGregor's current record is an impressive 19 wins and 3 losses, but did you know that the only way he's ever lost, is due to the cruel way of submission. That's including his latest loss at UFC 196 against Nate Diaz. Could it be something for The Notorious to work on, or is it completely unavoidable?

6. He brings his old grandfathers hat to each fight

Most fighters have their superstition's and then some fighters have pre-fight rituals, Conor is no exception. Before every fight he brings his old grandfathers cap for good luck. This ritual is actually quite nice and can be seen in his documentary, The Notorious.

7. McGregor's sister is a competitive bodybuilder

Talent seems to be running thing in the McGregor family with Conor's sister Erin McGregor being a competitive bodybuilder! She didn't decide to go to the fighting side of things, but she is still health positive like her champion brother.

8. There was a petition to get him on the back of the Irish Euro coin


Here in Ireland McGregor is loved by almost everybody so when the topic of having The Notorious on the new €1 coin, people were all over social media giving this idea some backing. It obviously would never happen, but it goes to show how loved he is in his homeland.

So there you have it guys! Did you know any of these McGregor facts, or even all of them? Let me know if you have some facts in the comments below!


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