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Top kickboxer Tiffany van Soest has sadly had to resort to selling her world championship Lion Fight belt in order to pay her bills.

In extremely sad circumstances, the Lion Fight featherweight champion has accused the promotion of not paying her for her fights. The result of this has left Tiffany Van Soest in debt accumulated from her preparations that went into winning the belt. Sadly, Tiffany Timebomb has announced that she may have to sell her belt just to get by.

Van Soest has been one of the most exciting female prospects in the world of combat sports in the last few years. Displaying incredible talent inside the ring, Van Soest has also shown her business savvy, signing with EPOK Agency to help nurture her career outside of the octagon.

At Lion Fight 22 Van Soest defeated Bernice Aldis for the featherweight title in spectacular style, splitting Aldis' face wide open with a vicious elbow.

The 26 year old Californian native exposed the promotion online via her own social media and naturally Lion Fight promotions has received heavy criticism.

With the vocal support Tiffany Timebomb has received online, we can hopefully expect Lion Fight promotions to right their wrongs and pay the talented fighter. A career in the world of MMA can be a lucrative one, but almost always a short one. Fighters have a limited amount of time to get in, earn some serious cash and leave in one piece. The perfect example of this would be Conor McGregor, who has been vocal about making as much money as possible before leaving the sport.

Lion Fight has yet to respond to the claims, and still champion Tiffany Timebomb proudly on their homepage as one of the promotions top stars.

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