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Here we go people! 20 of the most awe inspiring Knockouts in the UFC! Enjoy!

#19: Vitor Belfort PUMMELS Wanderlei Silva in 44 seconds

A BARRAGE of punches at the start of the round by Belfort sends Silva to the cage wall where he slumps down... toasted.

#18: Renan Barao sends Eddie Wineland to the mat with a spinning kick to the face!

Renan Barao defends his title for a second time against World Extrem Cagefighting champion Eddie Wineland... oh yeah... and also won knockout of the night.

#17: Yves Edwards comes from behind... literally... against Josh Thomson

No matter how many times you watch it, you're still not sure how the hell he managed to pull of that kick, right? Yeah, I know. Us too.

#16: Rashad Evans chops Sean Salmon down. TIIIIIIIIIMMMMBERRR!

You know what they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. There's no better proof of that than the sound Salmon makes when his body SLAPS off the mat.

#15: BJ Penn "grounds" Caol Uno before he leaves the runway

Before the Ref can even yell "Go!" Uno decides to take the fight to the air, taking Penn by surprise. Unfortunately it was a lot of work for nothing as Penn decides to skip the safety lecture and just get to the in-flight meal... his fists.

#14: Travis Browne guts Alistair Overeem

Alistair Overeem forgot the part of training where you're supposed to "engage you core." What happened when you don't? A kick to the gut sends ya to the ground!

#13: Rampage Jackson gives Wanderlei Silva's chin a love tap

You know what they say... "Keep your chip up!" Unless of course Rampage Jackson's fists are part of the equation. Wanderlei Silva found that out the hard way during his third outing against Jackson.

#12: Pete Williams runs over Mark Coleman

Pretty sure Mark Coleman never got the license plate of that truck that hit him, but I'm sure he figured out who was driving... Pete Williams. Although... who knows? Maybe he WAS hit so hard he forgot.

#11: Lyoto Machida send Randy Couture to the movies

If you listen close enough, you can hear Sylvester Stallone calling Randy Couture... "coooommme, make moooovies! It's saaafffferr!" Oh yeah, and you can also hear Kyoto Machida's foot PLOWING into Randy's face so hard he's begging for Expendables 4.

#10: Rashad Evans rings Chuck Liddell's bell

Ding, ding! School's out. Your teacher today, Chuck, was Rashad Evans.

#9: Chuck Liddell takes out his frustrations on Tito Ortiz

See Chuck punch.

See Chuck punch Tito.

Punch, Chuck, punch...

...and punch... and punch... and punch... and punch... and punch... and...

#8: It only take one for Rich Franklin against Nate Quarry

Sure, you might hear a lot of "no's" in your life, but it only takes one "yes" to make life super sweet. Just ask Rich Franklin. It only took one "yes" against Nat Quarry.

#7: Loto Machida takes it laying down against Shogun Rua

I mean, if you're gonna lose, might as well do it laying down, right? Unless of course you're Loto Machida ... then it's kinda hard to rest when Shogun Rua keeps pounding you in the face.

#6: Matt Hughes lifts Carlos Newton up... then drops him

Did you feel that? Those were aftershocks from when Matt Hughes crashed Carlos Newton to the mat. That's right, they're still coming almost 15 years later.

#5: Chuck Liddell forces Randy Couture to swing for the fences

"Aim for the one in the middle!" At least that's what Randy's coach yelled from the corner. It didn't matter though, it only took one Chuck to get the job done.

#4: Dan Henderson stamps his name on Michael Bisping's face

"D-A-N-(space)-H-E-N... Ugh, the name's too long. Just take a nap, I'll do it later."

Bisping agrees.

#3: Gabriel Gonzaga tags Mirko Cro Cop, declares "You're it!"

Mirko decides to play dead instead.

#2: Edson Barbosa blindsides Terry Etim

"Whhaaa Happen-aand? I was just standing there and then-- WHAM!" said Edson Barbosa.

#1 (tie): Chris Weidman reminds Anderson Silva to use his hands

Sure, you can slip a punch, just make sure you keep your hands up while you're doing it. Silva tried to weave his way out of Weidman's fists. He must have forgotten the other part.

#1 (tie): Anderson Silva sends Vitor Belfort to the moon (and the mat)





Belfort, we have a problem.


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