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I think a good number of MMA fans agree that seeing a Miesha Tate title defense at UFC 200 would be nice. The women's bantamweight title belt holder is one of the biggest draws of any female fighter right now, especially now that Ronda Rousey is kind of out of the mix.

Here's what her coach Robert Follis had to say about potentially getting her on that card... he spoke on The MMA Hour:

"What do I think is going to happen? This sport’s so crazy. We went from having a title fight to not having it. Will Ronda be ready? Is she going to be doing a movie? Does she really want to fight now? Do they want a rematch with Holly? Do they thing that’s marketable enough? Do they want to put Amanda Nunes in and try and get a Miesha a little streak going and build up a story, to get going on that?"

Follis said that matchmaking isn’t always so clear and obvious. There are a lot of factors that play into a fight coming together, ranging from timing to fan intrigue.

"So much of this sport has to do with who’s best, and so much has to do with what’s marketable. And so, we trust that — well one, we got the belt, so we’re fighting someone. And it’s for the title. So for us, we’re kind of looking at it, we think we’re ready for a fight, a rematch with Ronda. We thought we were ready prior. I mean, we were looking forward to that. We were preparing, and we’d been working on growth, and we think we’ve got what it takes to win that fight."

He told Ariel Helwani,

"After this fight with Holly, I think we’ll be better next time. I’m sure they’ll make adjustments, but if we fight her again, I think now we understand what her game is and how it works. I think we can make some adjustments and be even more aggressive in there and pull that off.
"But I think Amanda Nunes is looking very tough, and if we got a chance to fight here we’d be happy about that too. For me, once you get the belt it’s kind of irrelative. You’ve got to fight who gets put in front of you, and I really think that Miesha has the ability to beat anyone of those three. We’d be happy to see any one of them come up."

He doesn't want her to have to wait too long, though.

"I’d rather not wait, personally. We may or may not have a say in that, but personally — they wanted Holly to wait, and there’s always that second guessing of, oh, you should have waited. But I love Holly’s spirit. I have the most respect for her and her camp. I mean, and she said it like, hey, I’m here to fight, I want to fight the best and I want to get out there.
"And I think Miesha really feels the same way. It’s like hey, we’ve got the belt. Let’s take a little time off, enjoy it, go do some media, and then let’s get back to work and go get back in that cage. I think there’s a piece of inactivity that most fighters would agree the longer you sit it out it’s not good. It’s hard to stay motivated for a fighter who’s used to having a competition to prepare for."

But he doubled down on the initial thought that he wants to see her fighting on July 9th...

"Me personally, I would love to see her get a fight at [UFC] 200. Let’s line that up. Let’s put Amanda Nunes in there. She wants it. We want it. If Holly’s ready, let’s go do that. And that’s just me as a coach. We have a management team. Obviously there’s a guy named Dana White who has a huge say in this. So, really, if you ask what my opinion is, I would love to see her fight. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

What do you think?

Should Miesha Tate be on the UFC 200 card?

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