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The biggest UFC fight card in history is coming to us on July 9. You can bet that Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta are going to do their absolute best to make it the most stacked fight card to date. One of the company's biggest stars at the moment is Conor McGregor. For the "Notorious" Irishman there are many fights that people would love to see. We are still yet to see him take on Rafael Dos Anjos for the lightweight championship, that bout was originally planned to take place at UFC 196, however due to RDA injuring his leg, the match was replaced by McGregor vs Nate Diaz. That fight card was the most successful in the history of the sport, many would like to see a rematch of that main event which Nate Diaz won via second round submission.

Many fans are desperate to see him defend his Featherweight Championship either against Frankie "The Answer" Edgar or in a rematch with Jose Aldo. Given that Edgar is such an entertaining fighter and that McGregor has already KO'd Aldo to win the belt, the fans really want to see the New Jersey native taken on the champ. Frankie has proven that he deserves a title shot and he is telling everyone that will listen that he wants to take on Conor McGregor.

An interesting development may have provided an insight into who will be throwing down on the most momentous MMA pay-per-view in recent years. Tim Kennedy has been itching to get in the octagon with newly returned Anderson "The Spider" Silva, it is this ambition that has motivated him to post an image of the potential card for UFC 200.

This is of course a fan-edit, however, it definitely provides a look at where MMA fans' heads are at the moment. The poster shows Kennedy taking on Silva, Nate Diaz vs Georges St-Pierre and Conor McGregor vs Frankie Edgar. As well as Joes Aldo vs Max Holloway. Personally, I would love to see Diaz get a title shot against welterweight champion Robbie Lawler, those two have been in some amazing battles and would put on a show for sure. Although, Diaz taking on GSP would be a fun fight too and the next logical move after that would be a title shot. Dana has even said that Nate going for the welterweight championship would make a lot of sense, more on that here.

At the moment the UFC bosses are targeting 199 for the debut of former WWE champion Phillip "CM Punk" Brooks. Having said, they may decide to push it back to the big one in an attempt to get the WWE crossover fans boosting the pay-per-view buys even higher than it will already be. UFC 200 will break records without a doubt.

Even before we get to the milestone event we have some really exciting fights to see first. It feels like everything is happening at once. There have been so many exciting developments recently. UFC 197 will be headlined by the simmering grudge match between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier for the light heavyweight title. Anticipation for that fight is also at a fever pitch, this time around Cormier is the champ, defending against a returning Jones after he was stripped of the title due to a hit and run incident. Jon Jones claims to have learnt from his mistakes and is coming back to reclaim what he believes to be his belt. DC on the other hand, does not buy it and is looking to put an abrupt end to the redemption story. In addition, the news broke yesterday that UFC 197 could see Anderson Silva step into the cage with "Primetime" Uriah Hall, that would be a seriously exciting highlight reel match.

The women's bantamweight division is seeing some very interesting changes of late also. Miesha Tate choked out Holly Holm to become the new bantamweight champion. That was a shock to say the least, Tate had been beaten by Ronda Rousey twice before facing the new champion, the only person to ever knock Rousey out. The rematch between Tate and Holm should be as fast paced and fun as the first and you can bet Rousey is gunning for that championship when she returns. One thing is for sure: it is a great time to be a fan of MMA.


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