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Mike Winklejohn, Holly Holm's coach, has been with Holm for almost twenty years. With that amount of time, it's fair to say no one know the former bantamweight champion better.

Winkle john has taught her everything that she knows. From the basic of punches to the most complicated of kicks. He was there for all of her world titles in boxing, her first kickboxing championship and, of course, her time in the UFC.

A coach that dedicated sees everything. That includes the downs as much as the ups. He was there for Holm's devastating knockout loss in boxing and he was there when Holm lost her UFC title to Miesha Tate after Tate choked the champ out in the fifth round at UFC 196.

The loss to Tate wasn't only a loss of the UFC title, it was also the loss of a rematch with Ronda Rousey... the fighter Holm took the title from. A rematch with Rousey would have been quite lucrative for Holm. The introduction of Tate into the mix at the top leads to a lot of interesting possibilities. One thing's for sure, a rematch with Rousey is highly probably in the future.

"You know what, I think that Ronda knows that she's already beaten Miesha twice. So if she's going to come back, I think she was a little intimidated by Holly coming back and that, you know, it won't change her fight with Ronda."

When that happens, Winklejohn says that the outcome will be the same as it was at UFC 193.

"I'm still very confident that if Holly fights Ronda it would be the same outcome again just because the way their styles are, and I think it will be different next time she fights Miesha. I think Miesha has improved as a fighter and I think she's tremendous at what she does, so I love the competition and I think the fans want to see more of it, what these ladies can do."

Winklejohn adds that he doesn't expect to Rousey to to return any time soon, even though the rematch with Tate was already...somewhat...been announced for later this year. If Rousey postpones her return to the octagon, then that means a Holm-Tate rematch is on the table.

"I don't think Ronda Rousey is anywhere close to coming back anyway. So hopefully Miesha is willing to pay back Holly. Holly didn't wait for Ronda, gave Miesha a shot at it and hopefully Miesha repays the favor."

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