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Rashad Evans just said some shit that might make Daniel Cormier even more angry than he already was going into his fight with Jon Jones. And that's saying something.

He recently went on The MMA Hour and said:

"I think that DC definitely can [win]. He definitely can. You know, DC, he seems different this time around. He seems different this time, mentally speaking. Honestly speaking, this is a fight that DC — he has to win. Like, if DC doesn’t win this fight, there really — he would have to retire if he doesn’t win this fight."

Evans faced Jones at UFC 145 back in April 2012, dropping a unanimous decision. He was supposed to face Cormier at UFC 170, but had to pull out of the event just 10 days beforehand with a leg injury, thus giving way to Patrick Cummins.

Evans thinks the loss would potentially be the end of Jones's bitter rival, DC:

"It’s like, what does he do then? Does he try to face Jon again for the third time? Once you take away a man’s desire to be the best — or he knows that he can’t be the best — then in a sense, you just kill that man off. So if he loses this fight, Jon would have killed him off. There’s no reason. The competitive grind would be gone."

When it was brought up that perhaps Cormier would simply make a return to heavyweight, where he went 13-0 before switching weight classes to avoid a confrontation with his AKA training partner (and then heavyweight champ) Cain Velasquez, Cormier admitted that anything’s possible:

"Maybe, maybe. Maybe so. I just don’t think that DC, being so successful with the FOX gig and stuff like that, I don’t think the desire to put his body through it will outweigh the life that he could have if he didn’t do it."

What do you think?

Should Daniel Cormier retire if he loses to Jon Jones?

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