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Joe Rogan went on his podcast yesterday (Tues March 15) and declared that Frankie Edgar and Conor McGregor is the fight that needs to happen. He also stressed the fact that Jose Aldo is in dire need of a win as well - especially if he wants to get a second crack at Conor McGregor who KO'd him in 13 seconds.

His words as follows:

"Frankie Edgar is a way easier sell. Maybe if Aldo comes back and wins in spectacular fashion, like if he and Cub Swanson have a rematch. Because Swanson-Aldo went the same way Aldo and McGregor went. Aldo hits him with a flying knee two seconds into the fight cracks him. Aldo has to win again. You could sell [Aldo-McGregor II], but you wouldn't sell it for as much as if Aldo won. When Manny Pacquiao got knocked dead the Floyd Mayweather fight was off. But then he beats Chris Algieri, looks like a f**king demon again and you go, 'OK, we can see it again' and they sold the fight. But if they tried to go right from the Juan Manuel Marquez knockout right into the Floyd Mayweather fight? They would have lost a s**tload of money. A fighter has to win."

McGregor would most likely be the odds-on favorite, but Rogan likes Edgar's chances in a five-round title bout.

"Frankie Edgar is a 48-hour storm. You better have everything strapped down. He's not going to get tired and he's going to keep coming at you. He can wrestle his ass off. His footwork is sensational. I think Conor can knock out anybody, but you know what? So can Cub Swanson and he didn't connect on Frankie. Frankie just wolverine'd him. Look at the Chad Mendes fight. Conor had a knee injury coming into it but Chad took him down at will. When Frankie gets you tired... What he did to Cub Swanson was incredible. Frankie's not a huge draw but it's a big fight."

He also added that if Conor McGregor doesn't want to fight Aldo - which is justifiable - he'd like to see Aldo face off against a rising star like Max Holloway.

"If Aldo fights Max Holloway, how about that? That's a f**king fight. If he looks like the Aldo of old or he gets his ass whooped, one of those guys emerges. Then you've got the possibility of Max having a rematch with Conor. He's the only guy to take Conor to a decision."

Here's the video of the podcast in its entirety:

What do you think?

Does Jose Aldo win his next fight and does Conor McGregor fight/defeat Frankie Edgar?

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