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Scott McCann

Imagine asking the age old question, 'What does your dad do?' and being greeted with, 'Oh nothing... He's a retired UFC Hall of Famer and former light heavyweight champion'. Unfortunately for one kid, that's exactly what happened.

UFC legend Chuck Liddell experienced his daughters first dance/date a couple days ago, and we're not sure if it was more awkward for him or his poor daughters date! Meeting your girlfriends father is always an awkward first encounter, but imagine opening the door to be greeted by the iceman himself.

Chuck 'The Iceman' Liddell thankfully seen the humorous side of things, posting a string of images that perfectly portrayed the awkward experience. We've got to give it to his 14 year old daughter Danika's date... He's one brave kid.

It does seem like the UFC legend treated the young couple to an escort in a classy white rolls royce, something not many 14 year olds can say.

I bet one things for certain... Chuck's daughter was definitely home on time.


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