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If you've been keeping tabs on the beef between Justin Bieber and Nate Diaz, you can probably just skip down to the video of them fighting in a digital Octagon, brought to you by MMA Game via EA Sports UFC 2 video game.

If you need a little bit of a rundown of this beef, it essentially started when Justin Bieber started mouthing off about his love for Conor McGregor and a little bit of a critique on Nate Diaz's fighting style.

Here was the original post. Keep in mind, the alcohol was flowing in the gram, so clearly that could have affected his decision to make this post...

Nate Diaz then followed with the following reply, which was received quite well.

Well, just in case you needed something to brighten your day, MMA Game's staff put together a hilarious enactment of a fight between the two using EA Sports UFC 2 as a canvas.

Check it out:

Let's just say it didn't end too well for the Biebs


What do you think?

How many seconds would Bieber last in the Octagon with Nate Diaz?

(Via: YouTube)


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