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Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones can hardly be considered "besties." In fact, just within the past couple of weeks the fighters and their crews could barely make it through a press conference without some choice words for one another.

Apparently though, it's all a bit of an act. Jones sat down with Tiki and Tierney on Fox Sports to chat about his rematch with Cormier and had a few things to say about his supposed rivalry with "DC."

"I definitely don't hate the guy. We don't like each other because we're both really elite in our sport. We're at the highest level you can get when it comes to being a UFC fighter."

Jones added that Cormier's "problem" with Jones stems from his only loss... to Jones.

"He's only lost to me. I've never lost to anyone. So I know that he's a capable guy [who could] possibly defeat me. He knows that I can defeat him because I've already done it."

Jones also took the time to sort of compliment the rivalry. Jones feels they both need one another to drive each other to reach the best possible potential.

"There's just a competitiveness there that only we can bring out of each other. This guy consumes my mind all day long. Everything I do has been focused on him. I've been thinking about this guy over a year. Every single day I think about him."

So which is the act? The "dislike" for one another showcased int he public forum or the "nice guy act" Jones is tossing out here?

Regardless of your belief, let's be honest... both are good for the sheer entertainment factor. In AND out of the octagon.

Jones will be squaring off against Cormier at UFC 197 in April. The fight against Cormier will be an attempt for Jones to take back the crown that he lost due to his suspension back in 2015. The rivalry between Jones and Cormier started at UFC 182, when Jones defeated Cormier by decision after five rounds.


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