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If you're a fan of Conan O'Brien, then you know he's two things: not a fighter and not a very good video game player.

When Conor McGregor dropped by the studio to challenge O'Brien to a game of UFC 2, both facts were proven.

The folks at EA Sports were kind enough to add O'Brien's likeness to the already hefty roster of fighters, so that the comedian could see what it was like to "actually" get in the octagon against McGregor. The sight of O'Brien approaching the ring provided no shortage of laughter between the fellow countrymen.

Once the game got started, O'Brien was knocked out quicker than Jose Aldo.

They are quick to jump into a rematch, only to have it end in the same result...

During McGregor vs O'Brien III, O'Brien changed up his strategy against "Notorious" by trying to "stay as far away as possible."

Spoiler Alert: That didn't work either!

O'Brien pretty much took a beating every time. Once the digital beatdown was over, Conan took to a real life hypothetical fight against McGregor. Needless to say McGregor wasn't the least bit intimidated by the 6' 4", 190 lb funnyman.

Honestly though, we have to give a slight advantage to Conan, not because of his reach on McGregor, but because he could take advantage of the fact that McGregor would be too distracted laughing at the complete absurdity of the situation!

UFC 2, by EA Sports comes out March 15th.


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