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Manny Fonseca
"They always just want to fight me!"

When people find out someone is a UFC fighter, they tend to say some pretty stupid things. The above is only one example. No matter how mainstream and popular MMA fighting gets, it still seems a bit shocking when a member of the general public finds out someone is a fighter.

What are some of the dumb things people say to fighter's when their "secret" is revealed? Let's take a look at a few examples:

"You're an UFC fighter? So you don't do MMA, you do UFC?"

Gotta love those die hard MMA fans.

"Women do that?"

Yes, women DO fight.

"Do you fight dudes?"

Okay, women fight, but within reason people.

"Would you put me in a choke hold?"

Now you're bridging into what's clearly a fetish.

"Are you going to go pro? Can you make a living at that?"

It's good that so many people are concerned for other people's financial well being. Yes, fighting in the UFC is a multi-BILLION dollar industry. The fighter's do okay.

(Right after a fight) "When's your next fight going to be?"

That's the beauty of any fan of any sport. They've never happy with what you've done, they always want to know what you're going to do next.

Watch the full video below for some more dumb questions:


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