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Chuck Liddell and Jon Jones have been taking shots at one another for some time now.

First, Liddell went on "The Fighter and the Kid" podcast and said that he would have beaten Jones "in his prime" but then added that he could still give Jones a run for his money.

Jones answered the call out via Twitter by saying that "Chuck Norris would be a bigger challenge... a Tweet he later deleted but that you can see below:

Jones also added (via Twitter):


Here's the problem... Jones isn't "tagging" Liddell in his tweets, so Liddell had no way of knowing that Jones ever heard his comments from his interview. At least until someone showed him:

“Funny thing about that; somebody showed me the other day but he forgot to tag me. I don’t follow him, so I didn’t see it. I don’t know – the interview, if he listened to it, I didn’t say anything bad about him."

Liddell also defended his earlier comments and added a few more:

"I wouldn’t be mad at him if he said he could beat me in a fictional fight in my prime. Is that going to bother me? No. But if you ask me, in my prime, I knock him out. Styles make fights. I wouldn’t have a problem hitting him. Sooner or later, he’d go down. He doesn’t hit hard enough to stop me and he’s not going to out wrestle me. Sorry."

Lastly, Liddell had a message for Jone if he wanted to keep up the Twitter beef:

“If you’re going to go back at me, tag me. Let me know you’re going back at me so I can respond. I just thought it was kind of weird.”

In all fairness, both fighters have stated that each has "never been anything but nice" to the other. Liddell has even gone so far as to say that he holds nothing personal against Jones. Rather, Liddell is just giving his opinion on the no. 1 ranked pound-for-pound fighter.

“I don’t have anything against the kid. He’s had some problems and he’s had out of the cage problems. I don’t know what’s going on in his head with that. He’s a great fighter. It’s like Mayweather. Mayweather is a phenomenal fighter, I don’t like watching him. I don’t want to watch a guy outpoint a guy, do just enough to win and cruise. I don’t want a guy to pull guard in a fight with 20 seconds left that he’s won every round in because he’s worried about getting knocked out in the last 20 seconds. That’s not my idea of a champion.”

You can watch the full video with Liddell below.


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