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Now that UFC 196 is over and UFC 198's card is full, everyone is eyeing UFC 200. Slated to be the biggest event in the history of UFC, not only will it be huge on a promotional level, but anyone who gets on the card can expect a nice payday as well.

Donald Cerrone is one of those fighters looking for a spot at UFC 200 and is always ready for a fight. Cerrone took to Twitter to call out a potential opponent: Georges St-Pierre, who is rumored to make his return at the upcoming event.

There's been quite a bit of chatter about Georges St-Pierre making his return at UFC 200 and clearly, Cerrone would love to be a part of that chatter. He had a long run in the lightweight division, but moved up to the welterweight division for his last fight which he won, defeating Alex Oliveira in less than half a round.

Right now, St-Pierre's return to the UFC is nothing more than gossip. GSP was rather quiet on his decision at the UFC 196 media event. According to UFC President, Dana White, he has at least opened dialog with the legendary fighter.

"...have we been talking to Georges? Yes, we have -- but who knows? I honestly, right here, right now, don't know if Georges still wants to fight."

St-Pierre hasn't fought since 2013 and if he WERE to return, it makes sense that he would do it at UFC 200, but it would be unlikely that he'd get in the ring against Cerrone. It makes more since that he'd get in the ring against Robbie Lawler to determine the undisputed champ of the welterweight division.

For now, Cerrone... like the rest of us... is just going to have to wait to see what GSP decides to do... until then, expect Cerrone to keep bucking for a spot at UFC 200.


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