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Rafael dos Anjos recently made the news a lot due to the fact that he pulled out of his fight with Conor McGregor at UFC 196 due to a broken foot. McGregor's plan to fight dos Anjos was just the first step in a plan for multi-divisional dominance. Nate Diaz stepped in for dos Anjos and defeated Mcgregor, potentially sending him down back to "his own" weight class.

Not only did Diaz knock down McGregor's ego a couple of pegs, but he also took home money that has been rumored to be "in the millions." In theory that money SHOULD have gone to dos Anjos, but dos Anjos isn't dwelling on the cash that he lost or the fight that he could have had:

"I don't need to fight him to change my life. I think my life will keep on going, and I think I have a lot more challenges in my weight division. I think he doesn't deserve a fight at 155 pounds. He was just submitted by the No. 5 ranked (fighter) with 10 days' notice."

With McGregor moving down to defend his featherweight title, it's unlikely that we'll see a dos Anjos-McGregor fight any time soon. Dos Anjos is still healing from his foot and has about another five weeks to go before he can start training, which means he's eyeing on making an appearance at UFC 200 this July.

UFC 200 could be the biggest UFC event ever and dos Anjos wants to be a part of it so much that he's even considering pulling a McGregor and moving up in weight class.

"I don't know the UFC's plans, but I'm here, man. I'm here to fight anybody. I'll fight welterweight too, if they need."

A fight in the welterweight division means only one thing: A Rafael dos Anjos-Robbie Lawler matchup. A matchup that dos Anjos is ready for.

"I respect Robbie Lawler, but if UFC needs somebody to fight for the welterweight (title), I would fight."

No official matchup have been announced for UFC 200 yet, which takes place July 9 at the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. One thing's for sure, IF dos Anjos DOES square off against Lawler, he can expect to make up any money he lost by not fighting McGregor.


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