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UFC president Dana White recently went on an ESPN radio talk show called "Russillo and Kanell" to talk about a few things. Most notably he mentioned the fact that Conor McGregor wants to fight again as soon as humanly possible, Nate Diaz made millions of dollars (more than was initially reported), and Holly Holm's manager blew it.

In this article, I'm going to focus on that first piece... McGregor's desire to get redemption makes a lot of sense. He lost for the first time in 15 fights and he lost by submission. It was a pretty tough pill to swallow for the Irishman, but he'll have to live with it.

He is still the featherweight champion, though.

Of course that means he will be fighting again to defend his belt sometime soon, most likely against Frankie Edgar or Jose Aldo.

Here's the video, by the way:

I think McGregor will defend his featherweight belt next at 145 pounds, but he might then jump back up to lightweight to get what was supposed to be his original goal... the lightweight and featherweight belts at the same time.

Because, if you think about it, he really trained in his camp to fight at 155 pounds against Rafael dos Anjos. That fight undeniably would have been less of a challenge than a 170 pound bout vs. Diaz. However, there are always "coulda woulda shoulda" situations in MMA.

What do you think?

Should McGregor defend his featherweight belt against Frankie Edgar or Jose Aldo?

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