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Fighting Jon Jones is a scary thought for anyone. But imagine fighting a clean and sober version of the beast we already knew as 'Bones' who has really held himself back with partying, drugs, and alcohol being a big part of his story so far.

But his entire story is not yet written. While many people write him off as a drug addict and criminal, I think our society needs to look at addicts in a different light. He was troubled, but it appears he's on the straight and narrow, ready to compete to the best of his ability - and that starts in a few weeks against Daniel Cormier.

Dana White recently sat down with "Russillo and Kanell" on ESPN and had a few things to say about their fight April 23rd at UFC 197.

“I am super excited for that fight. If you listen to the banter back and forth by now, between them you know Cormier is obviously saying what a bad guy he is. He (Jones) says, ‘Hey listen, let me tell you this. I have never fought sober. This is the first time I’ve ever been sober for a fight camp.’ You know what I mean? The whole time he’s been training, his whole life he’s never been sober. So now he’s sober, and he was destroying people then. What is he going to be like now that he is serious, you know? He wants that belt back and there is nothing that Daniel Cormier wants more than to beat Jon Jones. Rivalries with guys that are so talented, so good and hate each other so much are very fun.”

What do you guys think, though? Is it going to be a dominant performance from Jon Jones, or will he be rusty and get beaten by Daniel Cormier?

All I know is I can't wait for this fight.

What do you think?

Is Jon Jones going to be an even greater fighter sober?



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