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Georges St-Pierre, often called GSP for short, was just enjoying himself in Las Vegas for UFC 196, but of course there's pretty much no way for him to do that without having to appease a few of us journalists who want to know one thing and one thing only...

Is GSP coming out of retirement?

His answer is a little bit evasive, to say the least, but I think the fact that he's not firmly saying "no" bodes well for those of us who want to see him fight yet again.

Here's the video of him neither confirming nor denying a return:

So, as you saw, he not only weighed in on a possible UNretirement, but he also gave mad props to Conor McGregor. Now, seeing GSP actually fight Conor McGregor is something this reporter was not too subtly trying to instigate, but at the same time it would be pretty fucking epic.

What do you think?

Is GSP going to come back to MMA, and if so, who should he fight?

(Via: ESPN)


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