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Ever since the UFC announced that UFC 198 would take place in Curitiba, Brazil, Cris "Cyborg" Justino has been lobbying to return to her hometown and fight on the night's card.

The Invicta FC featherweight champion hasn't fought in her hometown in over 10 years and desperately wants to get back home and fight for the UFC.

Cyborg reached out to via text and had this to say:

"I’m training, waiting for a new challenge and I would like to thank to everyone who is in this campaign with me ."

Cyborg's last fight took place on January 16, where she got her fifth straight KO for Invicta FC when she took out Daria Ibragimova. Cyborg has been undefeated for almost 11 years and has seemingly given up cutting 10 pounds to fight in the bantamweight division (she's had trouble making the weight before) and is open to either a featherweight or catchweight fight down in Brazil.

That doesn't mean she didn't have plenty to say about competing in the bantamweight division, more importantly, its former champion:

"Fighting Ronda is something that should happen, for the years of trash talk from her. At first I thought this fight would never happen because the UFC was protecting her, but the reality is, after Holly Holm beat her up, she ran away from the rematch, saying she wants to have kids and all that."

Cyborg continues:

"That confirmed to me what I already knew: she’s a coward with a weak mind that never learned after all these years… In her book, she talks about her being depressed after her Olympic loss, she continues as mature as a 5-year-old, she hasn’t learned the philosophy of the sport."

And continued...

"After Miesha’s win over Holly Holm, Ronda texted Dana saying ‘I want to come back to work’. Ronda Rousey is just an American product, who only fights those she thinks she can win."

After her attack on Rousey ended, Cyborg had much love for the new bantamweight champion:

"A true champion is the one who won’t admit a loss, but not saying she’s still undefeated even losing a fight, but going back inside the Octagon and accepting a rematch. Miesha Tate is a great example. She lost two title fights and the belt, but due to her determination she overcame and fought for it again, and she’s champion now."

Even though Cyborg doesn't have much of a chance of ever fighting Rousey, she'd still like to take a crack Tate.

"Miesha Tate is the new champion and I believe that there a lot of things going on in her career now, but I believe she would accept challenges in her career. I would fight her, of course. This is a sport."

Or even Holly Holm if the opportunity were to rise:

"Holly Holm showed the world, alongside with (Conor) McGregor when they lost, that they don’t hide behind pillows, and met their fans at the post-fight party. It’s a sport, losses happens. I would fight her, for sure. McGregor was a champion but moved up a division and fought. I believe the true fighter accepts challenges. (But) I’m not agreeing with his style outside the Octagon, with his attitudes and disrespect towards his opponents."

Now if only she could make the weight to actually compete in the bantamweight division...


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