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It seems as if Anderson Silva has finally gotten over his loss to Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 84. So much so that it sounds like the former UFC middleweight champion is negotiating to return during UFC 198 this may in Curitiba, Brazil at the Arena de Baixada stadium.

His trainer, Rogerio Cameos told that Silva is entertaining several options but hasn't made any final decisions:

"I talked to him yesterday and he told me that he's still negotiating to fight in Curitiba, and the final decision hasn't been made. He still believes he will fight in Curitiba, and everybody is cheering for that. Imagine how it would be, the first UFC in a soccer stadium in Brazil with the biggest national idol fighting at home."

Cameos also talked about what it would mean for Silva's return to the ring in his hometown of Curitiba:

"Of course, Anderson would be able to pack that stadium with 45,000 people easily. Either of those [Gegard Mousasi or Tim Kennedy] could be great fights. Anderson was used to fighting three times a year for his entire career. The last three years, he fought only once per year. Now, he wants to return to the routine of three fights per year, and he feels the opportunity to fight in his home, Curitiba, would be unique for him."

It's been a long road since Silva lost his title to Chris Weidman. Silva lost a year to a broken leg and another year due to a suspension after flunking a drug test. The sooner the former pound-for-pound king of mixed martial arts gets back in the ring, the better it will be for him.

What better place for him to do than his home town in Brazil.


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