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Las Vegas does a pretty good job of setting odds, and while it's early, it's still interesting that they've decided to consider Ronda Rousey the early odds on favorite to defeat Miesha Tate in the yet-to-be officially announced fight between the two bantamweights.

This past weekend at UFC 196 Miesha Tate choked out Holly Holm in the 5th and final round of an incredibly exciting fight, making her the bantamweight champion of the world in the UFC. As we all know, Holly Holm also KO'd Ronda Rousey. By the transitive property, you would think that Tate - beating Holm and being the standing champion - would be the favorite.

Two things to keep in mind

Firstly, it's incredibly early. These things change. Second, Miesha Tate has lost to Ronda Rousey twice before, and while she's stepped her game up considerably since then... and Ronda Rousey may have lost a bit of her mojo... can she really handle Rousey's ground game?

Here are the odds for future fights coming up. It's really a list of fights that will make your mouth water. Keep in mind, none of these are official yet.

That's a really fun list, but bookies have been wrong before. And what you can see from MMA fights over the past few years is that this stuff is very hard to predict. I would never bet on MMA because you just simply don't know.

How many of us thought Nate Diaz was going to absorb all of Conor's blows to the face only to submit him with relative ease in the second round?

How many of us thought Holly Holm would lose to the same woman who lost to Ronda Rousey twice?

Gotta take this stuff with a grain of salt, but it's pretty cool to see. Good for Ronda. I think she deserves a shot to get her title back, and in the eyes of Vegas... she will.

What do you think?

Should Ronda Rousey be a favorite against Miesha Tate?

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