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Conor McGregor hadn't lost in 15 straight fights, but all of that changed in an instant at UFC 196 when he lost by submission to Rafael dos Anjos' replacement, Nate Diaz last Saturday.

As you may know, McGregor was originally supposed to fight Rafael dos Anjos (RDA) for the lightweight (155 pound) belt at UFC 196. He had been training for that fight, and it didn't end up being the one he got.

Rather, he ended up fighting at welterweight (170 pounds) against Nate Diaz - a natural welterweight who had short notice but clearly was ready.

He lost.

So, what a lot of us were thinking, Conor McGregor is now saying...

"If the fight was what it was supposed to be, I would have come out victorious," McGregor told ESPN's Todd Grisham. "It is what it is."

According to McGregor, had he hit a fighter like featherweight Frankie Edgar or the lightweight champ, they would have crumbled as his previous opponents did. And it's hard to argue with that hypothesis, to be honest.

"They fall, 100 percent. Nate is a completely different fighter. "

McGregor suffered a second round submission loss to Nate Diaz, who was able to take his blows to the face with relative ease. In fact, his face was gushing blood, but he seemed no worse for the wear. That's what happens when you have to go up 2 weight classes to fight. It's a completely different beast.

I have a lot of respect for Conor and what he did. I hope people don't lose sight of the risk he took by fighting Diaz.

What do you think?

Does Conor have a point? Would he have KO'd Rafael dos Anjos and been the first fighter to ever hold the featherweight and lightweight belts at the same time?

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