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Jose Aldo or Frankie Edgar, Frankie Edgar or Jose Aldo. It's anyone's guess as to who will fight Conor McGregor next... and that's even IF McGregor decides to abandon his trek for world domination and drop down to defend his featherweight title.

It seems as if that might be McGregor's next step. He spoke after UFC 196 and stated that may be the case.

"At the end of the day, I am the featherweight champion. I feel it is only right to go back down and remind them of what I achieved and what I have done in that division But, I am not forgetting the 155 lb division. I am not forgetting about the 170 lb division. I think next is probably to go back down, and defend my featherweight crown."

Let's face facts though, that doesn't necessarily mean that's what McGregor will do, we'll have to wait to see. Until it's official though, let's assume that next up will be either Aldo or Edgar.

While, for marketability purposes, it seems that the best option for success is McGregor and Aldo II, that doesn't mean Frankie Edgar isn't pleading his case.

"If he's got balls, he'll pick me. It's easier to go in there and fight a guy you know you handled, you know you beat. But if he wants to come back after that loss to Nate and prove the doubters wrong, silence these rumblings about his ground game? He'll fight me."

It's easy for Edgar to make a case for himself when he knocked out Chad Mendes in the first round at the TUF 23 finale, which took place a day before Conor McGregor KO'd Jose Aldo at UFC 194.

Instead of a shot at the title though, McGregor made his move gaining 10 pounds to battle Rafael dos Anjos for the lightweight title. After his loss to Nate Diaz, it seems as if Edgar might finally get that shot at the title and he's doing his best to make himself the obvious choice for McGregor.

"If he beats me, no one can say anything. That would almost erase the loss to Nate."

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