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No ones stock is higher right now than Nate Diaz.

An 'odd man out' of sorts, he stepped in to replace Rafael dos Anjos against Conor McGregor. A move that has seemingly allowed him to "jump the line" so-to-speak in a lot of ways.

Tyron Woodley was the no. 1 UFC welterweight contender until featherweight champ, Conor McGregor started his trek for total belt control. It seemed as if McGregor was going to face Robbie Lawler next at UFC 200.

Except there's one problem: Nate Diaz.

McGregor lost to Diaz in the second round of their matchup last Saturday at UFC 196 when McGregor submitted to Diaz. Now Diaz's stock is higher than ever which means HE could be facing Lawler next.

It seems as if the UFC is behind it. When asked at the UFC196 post-fight panel about it, White had this to say:

"You know what would make a lot of sense? This isn't the fight I'm making, I'm just saying, [Diaz] and Robbie Lawler would make a lot of sense. His brother beat [Lawler]. Robbie's now the world champion and Nate became very, very popular tonight. We'll see what happens with Nate, but listen, for me to try to predict what one of the Diaz brothers is going to do? Who knows?"

Dana White isn't the only member of UFC's top brass to get on board the Diaz-Lawler train. According to Lance Pugmire of The Los Angeles Times, Lorenzo Feritta, The UFC's CEO, held the company line.

Lawler has history with the Diaz's. He was knockout by Nate's older brother Nick at UFC 47 in 2004. While White has been on record saying that he would love a Nick Diaz-Robbie Lawler rematch, that will be a little hard to come by any time soon as Nick is currently suspended. That and the fact that Nick Diaz has;t won a fight since 2011 when he beat BJ Penn.

Right now, Nate Diaz is at the top of the bankability scale. What he does next will determine if he's ready to stay there.


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