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Former UFC fighter, Chael Sonnen weighed in on Conor McGregor's loss to Nate Diaz this past Saturday. He believes that McGregor mentally fell apart.

Leading up to UFC 196, McGregor did his best to verbally terrorize his opponent. However, when the punches started flying, McGregor wasn't able to live up to his own proclamations. Many believe it was his mental weakness that failed him.

Sonnen is one of the people in that camp. It was obvious to him that McGregor came undone when it was clear that Diaz wasn't going to be an easy victory like some of his previous opponents were going to be. In fact, it even reminded Sonnen of a previous champion's downfall.

"From a historical standpoint -- €”mentally -- Conor McGregor fell apart. He cracked. It was just like watching Mike Tyson fold against Evander Holyfield and all the guys that have come before and after. Listen, when you stand up to a bully he will fade every time. Conor McGregor is a bully. Now, that's the mental side."

In a rare moment, McGregor seemed to handle his loss with a small amount of humanity and dignity. In doing so he revealed that he had underestimated Diaz's ability to take a hit.

Next up for McGregor? It's assumed by many that he'll return to the featherweight division to defend his title. It's a toss up at this point as to who his opponent in that defense will be, but it's safe to say that it'll be either Jose Aldo or Frankie Edgar.

Although, McGregor has not ruled out staying in the welterweight division or moving up to the lightweight division to challenge for the title there. It's safe to say, McGregor has to be re-thinking his multi-divisional title domination at this point.


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