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Nate Diaz just defeated Conor McGregor at UFC 196 and pulled in $500,000 in earnings in the process. He's also likely to get a title shot against Robbie Lawler, possible endorsements, and much more after dethroning 'Mystic Mac'.

But what if I were to tell you that he trained as a youngster in Stockton, CA just so that he could eat?

This story is sure to inspire you if you are feeling down on a Monday or just wanted to hear a story about never giving up.

"At first, Nate admitted, he wasn't terribly interested in jiu-jitsu. He also wasn't very good. What kept him coming back was that, after practice, the older guys in the class would usually buy him and his brother a burrito from the food truck that pulled up near the gym each night.
"That was actually the main reason I wanted to go train," he said. "I didn't have any money. At home we didn't have s--t. I was starving all day. So if I went to train I'd get something to eat. Sometimes I'd be sitting at home and it was like, well, if I go train with Nick I'll get something to eat afterwards. If I don't I'll just sit here and be hungry. ...I was going for burritos and dinner and hey, I wanted dinner every day. Before I knew it I was a blue belt."

(h/t MMAFighting)

Did that story make you hungry for success? And maybe, a burrito...?


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