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The current UFC women's straw weight champion, Joanna Jedrezejczyk, and the No. 1 contender, Claudia Gadelha, have been rivals for some time now. In fact, their rivalry dates back to December 2014 when their first fight ended in a split decision. The win ultimately went to Jedrezejczyk. During that fight, Gadelha threw a post-bell punch, but quickly apologized for it.

Now, the two sticks of dynamite are both coaching, opposite of one another, on the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter. It's no surprise that things didn't go exactly according to the plan of the producers.

UFC president Dana White, who was on set during the finale, claims that a brutal fight occurred between the two coaches after the last day of filming wrapped.

He told

"Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Claudia Gadelha, on the last day of filming when everything shut down, got into a full-blown fist fight. Head kicks. Nasty fight in The Ultimate Fighter gym. The show is over, the cameras were put away. The sad and scary part was very few people were left in the gym."

White when on to explain:

"The last day of The Ultimate Fighter is almost like the last day of school. Everybody is signing each other's stuff and all this other stuff. You noticed when they were showing each other the water bottles [during the press conference]? Joanna Jedrzejczyk hit her with a water bottle and that's how the fight started. Wait until you see this season of The Ultimate Fighter with these two. They hate each other and the stare down in the gym was even crazy before the fight happened."

This isn't the first time a fight has occurred during filming of TUF, and there's no reason to expect this to be the last. Hopefully though, next time... The cameras will be rolling.

The Ultimate Fighter 23 premieres on April 20th on Fox Sports 1.


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