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Jose Aldo seems to already have forgotten that when he fought Conor McGregor as a 145 pound featherweight, it ended in 13 seconds. And... someone might want to remind him that he was KO'd quicker than a lot of Pay-Per-View watchers were able to get their popcorn ready.

But it appears he's back talking shit to Conor McGregor, and it comes in the form of a tweet. Find it below:

It's almost as if this never even happened...

As always, McGregor had a response.

"I just think that...he had an opportunity to show up here. And he didn't. He could be sitting there across, he could be sitting where Nate's sitting now. He was the first choice. He said anytime, any place, anywhere. And then it wasn't anytime, any place, anywhere. Now another man gets a victory over me and he celebrates it. That's the sign of a loser. That's the sign of a runner-up, that's not the sign of a champion, so."

Fair points across the board here. Why wasn't Jose at the fight if he was so convinced it wouldn't end well for Conor?

Conor McGregor may have lost at welterweight, but that does nothing to his status as the featherweight champion of the UFC. He still holds that belt, and no matter what Jose Aldo says will change that.

As for how he felt at 170 pounds, where he lost for the first time in eight UFC fights, McGregor (19-3) said the size was different... and surely he may have been a little bit winded during the fight. But it was also Diaz's ability to take a punch. I think he gained a lot of respect for Nate during this fight. Even when he was trash-talking Nate, it didn't seem as genuine as it felt with Jose, in my opinion. He even admitted he had a little ounce of respect for Diaz.

"It was simply me fighting a heavier man and that's it. He could take a hell of a shot. And he's...him and Nick have that kind of style. They can take it and remain in there, and remain in your face. In the second round I was hitting glove. His range, he was coming close and I was hitting glove. And that was kind of draining me. He was just simply more efficient with his energy. He stayed in my face, and capitalized on it. I make no excuses. This is what it is. I came up short. I took a chance, it didn't pay off, I'll be back."

What do you think?

Should Conor McGregor fight Jose Aldo at UFC 200?

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