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Jose Aldo had a lot to say about Conor McGregor's loss Saturday night to Nate Diaz. McGregor lost to Diaz by tapping out. Aldo took to Twitter to call out McGregor, but claims he was bruiser doing "something else" during the fight.... He was watching porn.

" I watch Sexy Hot at night, man. I already knew what would happen, I was just waiting. When I knew (about the result), I didn't think twice and posted something. I said awhile ago that he wouldn't have anything by the end of the year, even the belt."

As for the actual fight, Aldo commented:

"He quit, couldn't take it anymore, wanted to run away. He's a pussy. He went down and quit."

Aldo went on to say that McGregor "...looked like a child getting slapped in the face."

For those that don't remember, Aldo lost his UFC belt to McGregor last December. It was his first knockout loss of his career. The fight took just 13 seconds. Yet, Aldo still feels that McGregor has no power in his hands, ignoring McGregor's knockout rate in the UFC.

"Some fighters have a great punch, others don't. His hands are actually made of soap. Of course that anyone goes down if you connect a blow in the chin. Even a child hitting in the chin, anyone goes down. He has hands of soup. He always hits and nobody ever feels."

Aldo was quick to make light of his own knockout loss...

"With me, they put a skateboard in there so I would slip!"

While no decision has been made official as to who McGregor will fight next, it's most likely that he'll drop back down in weight to defend his featherweight belt. That would mean fighting Frankie Edgar next, who has been itching for a shot at the title for some time.

Aldo had some words for Edgar too.

"Frankie 'The Answer' Edgar, I heard you were asking for a title shot. I respect you as a fighter, but let's check the facts: you lost twice to Ben Henderson before coming to the 145 division and getting a title shot against me without having fought once in the featherweight division. We had a great fight, but everybody knows the result. You can;t come here now and cut the line, you have to wait because you don't have any right to ask for a title shot yet."

Also also had one final message for Conor McGregor:

"Instead of running up to a different weight division and talking shit about me, you could make your time valuable and go to a real gym to learn real Jiu-jitsu. I'll be ready for you at UFC 200, so we can leave no doubt."

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