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The main event is finally here. Conor McGregor was supposed to fight Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196, but he went down to injury a couple of weeks ago... plug in Nate Diaz. Not to be underestimated, the 6'0" 169 lb fighter has two inches longer reach than Conor and 3 inches of height on him as well.

We've all been waiting for it. Here's a round-by-round breakdown for your reading pleasure. Enjoy the fight!

Round 1

We've got Nate Diaz in white, Conor McGregor in black. There's clearly a buzz in the arena. McGregor looks like he might be going for an early KO...

Conor has landed a few punches early. Nate is coming hard with that reach, but something makes me think this fight won't be as long as some of the others from the night.

Good movement by Diaz, though. With all the talk from the lea-dup to this fight, it's clear that there is no love lost. Diaz has great submission skills, but Conor's hands are no joke. McGregor is trying to close the distance and get in Diaz's grill. I'm loving this fight so far.

McGregor nearly landed an uppercut. He keeps going for it. He wants to get Nate leaning in. Conor keeps kicking at Nate's right knee, and it looks like it's beginning to bother him. Diaz is bleeding a lot. Nate's trying to become the aggressor here at the final minute of the first round.

Wow, we've got a late takedown by Nate! But now Nate is on his back. He's in the danger zone right now! He's looking for a triangle. This could turn into a ground-and-pound situation here. He's up against the fence. Good movement, by Nate though.

And that's the round...

Round 2

We've got some early, creative striking from McGregor. And already, we've got blood dripping out of Diaz's eye. Conor is talking lots of shit, even within the Octagon. Fatigue shouldn't be a factor for either fighter. These guys are both in good shape.

McGregor keeps coming close with that uppercut.

The amount of blood on Nate Diaz's face right now is alarming. A lot of it is getting on McGregor. I don't know how Diaz is taking all of these blows to the face. Nate Diaz doesn't even have his hands up half the time. This is ridiculous.

McGregor just landed a nice uppercut. Nate landed a few punches that shook McGregor a little bit. McGregor looks a little bit wobbly. Was Conor too cocky? He finally looks vulnerable in round 2.

Nate refuses to go down. Diaz is trying to finish with a submission. McGregor is on his back! This is incredible. With 1 minute left, it's OVER!

Nate just submitted Conor McGregor! Fight. Over.

I'm sorry if this was written a little bit hastily. I was caught up in the fight! Daaaamn, Nate. Back at it again with the bloody-faced submission.


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